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THE WOMEN'S TRAFFIC CLUB (as it was known in 1951 - now THE WOMEN'S TRANSPORATION CLUB OF HOUSTON) was organized in early Spring of 1951. The charter was signed in June, 1951 and the first installation of officers was held in September, 1951.

From the original thirteen members, the club grew to over seventy-five members during the first year.

Membership in the WOMEN'S TRANSPORTATION CLUB consists of all women employed in traffic, transportation, and distribution; both shippers and receivers.

The purpose of the club is the maintenance of scholarships in the feilds of transportation and the advancement of transportation through personal development; to support transportation/distribution education by the awarding of annual scholarships to various universities and community colleges; and to promote the transportation industry.

The first scholarship ever offered in the transportation feild to the Universiy of Houston was given by the club in 1953.

The club is a member of the Transportation Club International and co-hosted the annual convention in Houston, September 1979. The club is also a member of the MID-STATES CONFERENCE OF WOMEN'S TRAFFIC CLUBS, which is comprised of organizations in Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. It also hosted the annual conference in 1996.

The most significant contribution to the transportation industry, by the club, was NATIONAL TRANSPORTATION WEEK, which was born in Houston under the sponsorship and through the efforts of the club, on March 9, 1953 when Roy Hofheinz, Mayor of the City of Houston signed the first proclomation claiming March 19 through April 4, 1953 as TRANSPORTATION WEEK.

The late Charlotte Woods, first scholarship chairman of the club, suggested we hold a transportation week observance in order to educate the public on the importance of transportation in their daily lives and thereby create a demand for the scholarships available for the students.

In 1954, the club began a drive for the statewide program and, through the combined efforts of the club, Charlotte woods and Frank Norton, Dallas Transportation Association of America, the Govenor of Texas and mayors of many Texas cities proclaimed a TRANSPORTATION WEEK to be held each year.

In the latter part of 1954, Charlotte Woods went to TRAFFIC CLUBS INTERNATIONAL to sell them the idea of undertaking the sponsorship of a NATIONAL TRANSPORTATION WEEK. They accepted the idea and a National Chairman was appointed in 1955.

In 1962, after many years of hard work, countless petitions and letters, and a great many trips to Washington, by a joint resolution of congress President John F. Kennedy signed the bill which proclaimed National Transportation Week to be observed the third week of May each year.



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